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Study Break Ideas: Simple but Important Time-Management Tips

Study Break Ideas: How to Stay Productive and Effective

The overwhelming majority of college students will agree that studying is energy-consuming. There are usually lots of tasks to be done and aspects to be covered every single day. Lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, and absence of any physical activity are the consequences of poor time management and lack of organizational skills. What are the possible consequences? Depression, anxiety, and burnout are the most typical downsides that affect learners who neglect their study break time.

If you can relate to what has been mentioned above, you should take some of your time and discover the most beneficial and helpful study break relaxation ideas that will help you avoid emotional, physical, and psychological issues, getting even more productive and lively.

How to Take a Study Break: Importance of the Process

Spending too much time focused on the same assignment may result in procrastination and a complete waste of time. Therefore, taking regular breaks is indispensable, as it helps to optimize attention, refresh your mind and absorb information better. According to ‌reviews of experienced students, study sessions become more efficient and productive even after short breaks. Thus, if you have always been convinced that a 10-minute rest in the middle of the working process is a complete waste of time, you have been mistaken. Instead, it is a great way to restore and achieve the desired results much faster.

Why are regular breaks important?

  • They influence productivity levels. Although it may sound weird, the more breaks you take, the more productive you are. Your brain needs some time to relax in order to continue functioning well. Therefore, even a 10-15 minute break during the study session can help you accomplish certain tasks more efficiently.
  • They help to focus on the most important tasks. It is impossible to stay concentrated on something for hours. Procrastination is the problem you are likely to face in such instances. Therefore, taking short breaks may be an impressive way to avoid breakdown, burnout, and focus issues.
  • They increase motivation. Working without breaks, you will notice how fast your motivation to stay productive disappears. Consider proper time management that will help you achieve the desired results much faster.

How long should a study break be? Unfortunately, there is no standard that students should follow to reach the peak of their activity. Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of experts agree that a 10 to 20-minute break every 1-1.5 hours is a guarantee of the achievement of the necessary results. At the same time, it is up to you to choose a perfect timing that will comply with your needs and preferences.

What to do during a study break? There is a plethora of activities that can make your break effective. However, the first rule you should remember is that a study break is about relaxing and giving your mind time to rest. Do not choose overwhelming activities that can trigger opposite effects.

Top 8 Most Exciting Study Break Ideas

Browsing the web in search of effective study non-phone study break ideas, you will come across a multitude of activities that may seem appealing and interesting to you. Focus on the ones that are the most preferable for you, and avoid the ones you are not excited about. Keep in mind that maximum relaxation, pleasure, and rest are the final goals of the time.

How long should you study before taking a break? There is no need to rest more often than once every hour or two; otherwise, you will only get distracted. Use the best study break intervals wisely so that they are effective. Are you ready to start practicing? Here are multiple ideas for you to take advantage of. Analyze the available ideas and opt for the ones that are the most appealing to you.

Have a Quick Walk

Fresh air always has a favorable impact on the brain, as it enriches it with ‌oxygen. Thus, consider taking a walk around the block as a way to relax and unwind in-between study sessions.

Clear the Room

A clear desk is a synonym for a clear mind, so you should never ignore a chance to organize your working area and keep it tidy.

Take a Shower

A refreshing shower is a great way to rest your body and mind. 10-15 minutes are more than enough for you to forget about challenging college assignments and restore your energy.

Make Lunch

Cooking is always a good idea, as it will not only help you relax but will also contribute to your health. Choose vegetables and fruit rich in vitamins and nutrients instead of the quick snacks you are used to.


In fact, you will not have enough time for a full-scale workout, so you should consider a few exercises that will keep your body and mind in good condition. Better mood, increased motivation, and higher productivity levels are guaranteed.


There is hardly anything more pleasing that taking a moment to stay in silence and meditate. Just free your mind and get it ready to soak in new information. Choose a quiet place where no one will bother you and practice effective meditation techniques.

Talk to Friends

Social interaction is always a good idea for a quick break, especially when it comes to your fellow student, who also struggles to make short study breaks. This way, you can control and inspire one another, sharing your achievements and analyzing failures. Additionally, random talks to other people are never odd out.

Read an Interesting Book

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of students ignore the advantages of reading, especially when it comes to study breaks. However, like watching an interesting movie, it can trigger great results. There is a plethora of unique genres that will help you dive into the fascinating world of literature and enjoy relaxation time. Young adult authors, like Bree Despain with The Shadow Prince series and The Dark Divide series, are always a good idea to consider during a short break.

At this point, it is inevitable to mention that sometimes study breaks can take more time. Make sure you have professionals who will have your back when you get too engaged in reading or other activities. Browse the web in search of professional and expert custom writing papers so that you can leave your “write my paper for me” request and get indispensable help.

Unhealthy and Ineffective Study Break Ideas

Are you ready to pay someone to do my homework in order to unwind and get more motivated and productive? Make sure your choices are right. Unfortunately, a considerable number of learners pick the wrong study break method, which leads to negative outcomes. Thus, eating fast food, taking energy drinks, having quick naps, and having similar study break ideas for college students are not only ineffective but also harmful. They affect your time management, health, and motivation. Therefore, make sure you make the right choices and avoid the activities.

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